Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Canning Corn 2012

From this:

 To this:

We generally can sweet corn from our garden only once a year.  Saturday was the day!  My DH and I picked and shucked 10 dozen ears of lovely bi-color sweet corn.  Here are some pictures to show the process.  For exact instructions, please consult a reliable canning guide. 

 My daughter recently gave me this wonderful vegetable brush, which made getting the silks off the the cobs much easier!

 Here he is helping with the shucking.  Years ago, all six of our children would have helped, but now, it's just us two.  :)

 Here are the shucks!
And here are all the cobs, waiting to be processed.
Of course, first we had to go out and pick some more and eat it!
This little film shows how I cut the kernels off of the cobs.  So easy!
All the kernels are in the jars.
Here is my huge pressure canner.
Little pan with lids heating up:

Jars in the canner ready to process.

All done!
That is finished for this year. We ended up with 38 pints. The rest of the corn out in the corn patch will be eaten by us and shared with others.  In spite of the drought, and us only watering the corn one time, it has done amazingly well.  We LOVE sweet corn and when it is in season, we make a meal of just steamed sweet corn with real butter and real salt, several times.  We look forward to it each year.  :)


  1. Huge harvest despite the dry weather! And what about the white corn for masa? I am looking forward to that. :)


    1. The flour corn is looking good so far! We'll see how it turns out. :)

  2. YUM! I love sweet corn, I just had some for dinner... but it came from the store. :(

  3. WOW! How big is your corn patch? I have 2 raised beds with 4 rows each, hoping to get atleast 2 dz ears, if the darn beetles will leave it alone. I also planted some with my pumpkins but the heat & drought pretty much stunted that :(

    1. I don't know the dimensions of our corn patch, but here is link to an article with a picture of it earlier in the year. This drought has been brutal for sure. ~ http://blog.greenhousemegastore.com/2012/07/09/growing-corn-and-saving-seed/

  4. Hello I don't have a pressure canner can I just boil water in a pot a submerge jars?

    1. Jubilee, you must NEVER can corn without a pressure canner. If you do, you could die of botulism poisoning! If you cannot afford to borrow or purchase a pressure canner, maybe you could freeze your corn instead?


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