Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Paper towel saving tip...

For most things, I don't use paper towels.  It seems wasteful.  I have plenty of cloths and rags to use instead.  However, when I fry bacon, I do drain it on paper towels.  I don't want to throw really greasy things into my laundry.  Today I fried up a 3# bag of bacon ends and pieces (which are about half the price of regular slices and taste just as good.) 

For that amount of bacon, it would take a number of paper towels for draining.  Instead, I put down a pad of newspapers and just ONE paper towel on top.  Works perfectly!

I bought four 3-pound packages today.  We read that there is a virus affecting hogs in many states, and that the death rate, when they are infected is 50%.  I just thought I'd stock up on bacon! 

I like to fry up these large amounts all at once, and then freeze them in meal-sized pieces.  It's very convenient to get breakfast together this way.


  1. I LOVE bacon! I think I'd better stock up too. I usually drain my bacon on a paper towel on a plate, but for the amount you cooked one towel on a plate definitely wouldn't work. Good idea about the newspaper!


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