Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Teaching children the joy of work and provident living...

 I don't want to wax political here... and really this isn't.  I find it troubling, though, that so many children that I see are growing up being deprived of the blessing of learning to work and to work well.  So many adults I know seem to have missed the lessons of the joy and satisfaction that comes from hard work.  I was talking to a friend recently who would like to be healthy and fit, and yet she told me she doesn't want to take the time to cook healthy foods.  I know people who are dear to me who would like to be financially independent and be able to prosper, and yet they can't bring themselves to discipline themselves in money management.  Rather than being frugal and wise with the resources they have, they fail to plan and carry through on their plan, and so, in a way, they are planning to fail. 

If you, too, are concerned about this trend, and especially if you are raising children, please take time to watch this wonderful talk that so clearly explains these issues and what to do and not do so that your life and the lives of those you love can be better.


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  1. I see that as a huge problem. There is a generation of lazy children being brought up right now, and people aren't really thinking about the consequences. Teaching your children to work and be independent is the best thing you can do for them.


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