Monday, November 18, 2013

Perpetual fabric softener sheets...

Along with the theme of the last post, I will tell you about my "fabric softener sheets."  I have a large empty cottage cheese carton with a lid.  Into the container, I put 1 cup liquid fabric softener and 2 cups of water.  Then, I filled the container with old wash rags I had, left from washing goat udders (truly - due to events of life I had to sell my milk goats.)  When I put clean, wet, laundry in the dryer, I take one of the wash rags and wring it out thoroughly and toss it into the dryer.  That's it!  Hopefully, next summer my husband will be able to put my clotheslines back up (long story...) and next winter, we'll be using the wood heating stove again (another long story...) and I won't be using the dryer very much.  But for now, this is nice.  I can have just enough fabric softener for the laundry and it costs Almost Nothing. 


  1. Interesting. Does it put spots on your clothing at all? That's what I would be afraid of. I've stopped using fabric softener and fill the cup with white vinegar instead.

    1. No, but I wring them out really well. Also, I'm sure there are liquid fabric softeners that are not colored.

  2. Spotting is why I stopped using liquid softener, too.Some items of clothing would look like they had wet splotches on them after drying. I imagine that it could have something to do with our hard water in combination with the liquid? I am glad that this works so well for you, though. I buy cheap sheets and tear them in half to double the life of a package. Well, if I'm being honest, I tear them much of the time, not all. This time of year I would be suffering many shocks throughout the day at work if I didn't use a whole one with my scrubs - ha ha!


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