Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sigh.... those canned caramelized onions are NOT good!

Warning!!!  Yesterday I canned 4 pints of caramelized onions.  One of them did not seal, so a little while ago I tasted it.  They are all mushy and do not have a nice flavor.  They tasted great before I processed them in the canner.  I hope I didn't lead anyone astray.  I am so sorry.  :(


  1. Bless you for the update, these things happen! I was wondering after I read your post if there might be another way. I know that although I am not the bravest person to use a pressure canner, I knew I would never even try what you accomplished.

    1. Yes, they do. I can just be happy that these sort of failures are not generally frequent. Thanks, Melynda.

  2. How disappointing...I am so sorry.

  3. I just love your transparency. Made me smile this morning because I can SO relate! There's always tomorrow, right? :-)


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