Monday, November 17, 2014

Spices... sprinkling and storing...

I made some "Deviled" Eggs tonight.  I want to show you how I sprinkle Paprika on top of them.  Here they are in all their glory:

I love lots of Paprika on top of my deviled eggs.  Here is how I do it.  My daughter gave me a really nice "tea ball." I put a little paprika (or other spice if doing something else that needs sprinkling) in the tea ball and use it like a little sifter.  It's works so nicely!
While I'm at it, I want to show you how I store my spices and herbs for cooking.  When we move to our new house, I hope I can still have a drawer for this.  It is so very convenient.  All I have to do is open the drawer and all the labels are right there.  The spices and herbs are in half-pint jars with the plastic screw-on lids and I put a label on top of each one.  
The one with the different label is actually the paprika.  It is "Hungarian" paprika, and very good.

I have to tell you a story about the daughter who gave me the tea ball.  When she was about 2 years old, one day, she and I were in the kitchen.  I made a plate of deviled eggs and put them on the table.  Then I turned around to work at the counter.  After a while I realized she was being awfully quiet, which any of you who have taken care of toddlers knows is a bad sign.  I turned around to check on her.  She was sitting on the floor under the table and had that plate of deviled eggs in her lap and was systematically squishing each one with her hands!



  1. I love the tea ball idea! And the story about your daughter......

  2. I don't remember doing that but that's funny! That's a great way to store spices. I'm trying to find a drawer that I can clear out to do that with. My spice cabinet is a wreck!


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