Saturday, October 31, 2015

Late Garden "Foraging"....

Our vegetable garden is finished for the year, but not yet cleaned up.  I knew there was some kale and Swiss chard peaking above the ground.  I wanted to make some stir-fry, Jasmine rice and scrambled eggs for breakfast, so I went to see what I could find.  Here is what I came in with!

I fired up my little rice cooker,
Chopped up some of all the vegetables I could find,
and made the stir-fry.
Oh, my, it was good!


  1. I have a rice cooker too and boy is it nice. I never thought of having stir fried rice for breakfast. Sounds good.

    1. Well, I stir fried the vegetables and put them on top of the rice on our plates. :) It was. Very good.

  2. It looks delicious. I was wondering how you stir fried the hot rice, the first time I read it, but now I see. I've always used cold rice to stir fry or I have no luck with it. Did you add eggs in too?

    Our gardens are pretty well picked over, but we have not had our killing frost yet. We are having unseasonably warm weather right now, rather than snow. She (my oldest girl) has hoop houses for greens right now. There are still Brussels sprouts out there, some rutabaga, carrots...things that don't mind a chill. About 2 weeks ago we brought all the rest of the tomatoes and peppers in.

    1. No eggs in this, Athanasia. I just do the vegetables, and then serve them with the cooked rice. We actually did have a killing frost already, but the days lately have been quite warm. I think that is coming to an end now. Sigh....


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