Friday, November 13, 2015

Baby and Butter...

Our grocery store had a sale on Land O Lakes Butter and so we bought 5 pounds.  I put them in plastic bags so I can put them in the freezer.  The grandson (7 months old), as you can see, enjoyed the butter!  :)


  1. Nice! He already knows whole foods when he sees them.....

  2. :) Oh, yes. His mom is very careful about food.

  3. He looks determined to get through the wrapper. Land of Lakes is on sale here right now but is a limit of 1 for 2.49. Between the 3 of us we will stop whenever go by the store as we need plenty of unsalted butter for the upcoming holiday season. I have 28 lbs of regular butter in the freezer.

    1. 28 pounds! That's a lot! We go through quite a lot of butter here, as well. Oh how I love butter!


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