Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Money saving bread making tip...

I like to use honey in my homemade bread.  I also like to use blackstrap molasses.  See that bread there?  It is kind of dark in color.  I used the blackstrap molasses this time.  It is delicious.  Honey costs over $40 a gallon.  Blackstrap molasses costs about $9 a gallon.  It is also very high in minerals.  If you make bread, you might want to give it a try.  It has a significantly lower glycemic index than sugar, and just a little lower than honey.  Since I use natural yeast now, almost exclusively, this makes it so my bread has a very low glycemic index.  This is all good news. 


  1. I do sometimes use molasses instead of honey. I like the taste of molasses. I use it when I make pumpernikel and rye breads. But I stick with honey for my white and wheat as I use the same dough for sweet rolls, pizza dough, breadsticks etc.

  2. Does it change the taste enough for it to be discernable? I normally only use a very small amount of sweetener (honey or sugar) in our bread.

    1. Oh, yes, definitely. It is very nice, too, and since the blackstrap is so full of nutrients, it's really a great choice!


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