Sunday, February 14, 2016

The view outside our kitchen window this afternoon...

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  1. Very pretty! We are all green and leaf buds are forming everywhere. I am happy actually, it will make our move so much easier if it is not raining!

  2. Looks a lot like my view, too, even down to the white plastic lawn chair out in the snow. You should get a heater for your bird bath. It's just an immersion thing, pretty cheap, but with all your new suet feed you'll be drawing in large numbers of birds.

    It almost looks like black and white photo until I spotted the male cardinals.

    1. I agree and have been thinking about that. Can you recommend one? A heater, that is. And yes, they love the suet crumbles!

    2. Not sure of the brand...bought it at the local farm and garden center, oh maybe 12 years ago?

  3. Nothing as lovely as your views! I see my car, my yard and trees. Better then no view at all. It is why I put flowers in front of my window in the spring!
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