Friday, February 17, 2017

An Extremely Tiny Tip...

You see that?  It's a stoneware paper napkin holder.  I don't use it in my kitchen anymore because I have a basket where my cloth napkins live on the counter.

I imagine nearly everyone has "junk" mail and papers that have an unused side or part of a paper.  I cut them into little pieces, rather than throw them away, put them in my napkin holder, and then when I need to write a list or a note or a recipe, these are just right, free and frugal.

Post-It's cost money.  These don't.  :)


  1. I always enjoy your tiny tips. I put napkins in a basket also. I just put scrap paper in the drawer under the phone. But I have an old toast holder/toast rack that I use to hold mail that needs attention, either answering or paying.

    1. That sounds like a great idea! It is nice to have something other than a "piling system" to handle out papers and things. Thank you for your comment(s) through the years. I really appreciate it. Not many comment and although I see I get a lot of "hits" - it's kind of lonely not hearing from people. Take care.

  2. Thanks. I like to click on the 3 "you might also like..." links at the end of every post too.

  3. I do exactly that with all my junk letters and envelopes. I also like to have a pen next to the paper to jot down items to buy on my shopping list.


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