Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Do you remember the Orchid?

Last February I bought an orchid and blogged about it HERE.  I had never had an orchid before and I want to show you how it is doing now.  Literally, there have only been 2 days in all this time that there wasn't at least one bloom on the plant.  It is amazing!  And since the longer days have come, being springtime here, it is very happy. I think it was more than worth the investment of 5 dollars, and the little time I take caring for it. Here are some pictures:


  1. Wow! It's beautiful. You clearly have the magic touch. Any tips?

    1. Thank you, Nicole! About every other day, I take it to the sink and run cold water into the roots and let it drain, and then I gently spray the leaves with cold water also. Then I put it back on it's little saucer. Also, sometimes I mist the least with water that has a little miracle grow dissolved in it. I am not an expert, but it does seem to be very happy. The "soil" in the clay pot is bark chips.

    2. Thanks for the tips! They need water more often than I expected, though it makes sense when you think of their humid native habitats plus no soil to hold on to the water.

    3. I meant the "leaves" of course. :) You're welcome!


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