Thursday, May 11, 2017

First harvest of 2017!!!


  1. Isn't this just the best time of year?! Our first harvest has been of chives, asparagus, parsley and mint. Also kale,lettuce and spinach from the cold frame. We're not past last frost yet....We had frost warnings last week.

    1. Yes it is! I used to have an unheated hoop house, but it fell into disrepair. I am hoping to maybe fashion some simple hoop frames for this fall to extend the season. I loved being able to bring in fresh food through the winter.

    2. Oh, I forgot rhubarb.

      Yes, now that my oldest girl moved back with her family next door she does much of the gardening and has extended the season to year round in some items. She refurbished an old green house attached to my husbands workshop, she built cold frames and hoop houses and does a lot with row covers too. Lots of energy she has.

    3. So... you have a garden fairy too!


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