Friday, March 9, 2018

Another Tiny Tip !

When you chop raw onions (or garlic) it can be difficult to get the onion smell off of your hands.  No more!

When you are finished, just take a bar of soap, lather up your hands well, and then rub them all over the stainless steel spigot of your kitchen sink.  Act as if the spigot is a bar of soap. Then just rinse your hands.  The smell will be gone!


  1. I have never heard this. I try to handle the onion as little as possible, finger tips only. I always use lemon hand soap or lemon dish detergent as I think the lemon juice helps with onion smell. I also have 2 plastic cutting boards exclusively for onion (they are oval so that is a reminder to everyone). I don't buy or grow my own garlic...I buy it in a big jar in the produce section.

    My tip is to always chop up the whole onion at one time and then I store it in a glass jar with a lid marked ONION. Then it is chopped and ready to use and I am not chopping up onion every day or even more than one time a day for cooking or garnish etc.

    1. That is a great idea about chopping the whole onion and keeping it in a glass jar. It would not only save time, but also I wouldn't think, "Oh I don't want to take time to cut up some onion right now." Thank you Athanasia.


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