Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Timely Tiny Tip

Now is the season when the little fruit flies start to invade my kitchen. Do any of you have that problem? Between the compost bucket and the produce sitting around waiting to be processed, the pesky critters multiply with glee. Here is a simple, and effective, solution:

Take a shallow dish and add just a little apple cider vinegar and 1 drop of dish washing detergent. Set it on the counter near where they seem to like to hang out. Voila! They like the smell of the vinegar, and the detergent breaks the surface tension so they drown.

Sad, but necessary.


  1. Excellent tip! I also use a compost bucket that has a lid. This helps some too.

  2. Aw. Poor little fruit flies. NOT. They are nasty little buggers and we find them all over our bananas, etc. in the summer months. I will definitely give this a try!

  3. Lisa, mine has a lid, too, but that doesn't stop them! One will sneak in there and set up shop.

    FarmgirlCyn, sometimes it's good to set more than one bowl out like this.

  4. Yolanda,
    I went to the grocery to buy some clear jel to make the apricot pie filling. I could not find it anywhere. I tried the only two stores available. Is there something else I can use?

  5. Oh, dear... that's a shame.

    I imagine, though, that time is critical. I would suggest, that if your apricots are getting too ripe, you order some clear jel asap, prepare your fruit and treat for darkening, then freeze it in batches and wait for the clear jel to come. Good luck!


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