Monday, September 12, 2011

A Day in My Life....

I will now walk you through a "quick" view of a day in my life.

The night before, I put a batch of milk kefir to drain and here is the whey waiting for me in the kitchen this morning:

Milked the goats:

Fed the milk foam to Badger:

Washed the milking buckets and things:

Cooked and ate breakfast:

Washed the morning dishes:

Hung up some laundry:

Prepared several packages of kefir grains to mail:

Rode my bike to the post office to mail them:

Admired the day lily plants waiting to give to my daughter:

Admired the hens and chickens from my daughter:

Quit lollygagging around and pumped some iron:

Picked the tomatoes:

Ate a tomato:

Dug a few Yukon Gold potatoes:

Picked some basil:

Picked some peppers:

Picked a few shell - out beans:

And some Swiss chard:

Dug a few sweet potatoes:

Prepared everything to make vegetable soup for lunch:

Made the yummy soup:

Ate lunch:

Washed up the lunch dishes:

Studied scriptures:

Practiced on the piano:

Took dry laundry off of the clothesline and folded it into a basket:

And hung up a few more things to dry:

Put the extra vegetable soup into jars and into the pressure canner:

And washed up the dishes:

Put a comfy chair and a book in the kitchen so I can keep a careful eye on the canner pressure:

Started the canner and then made a batch of chocolate pudding from the recipe my daughter invented 3 years ago:

Took the jars of soup out of the canner:

Washed up the dishes:

Cleaned the bathroom:

Did a little ironing:

Tidied my sewing room:

Ate a little snacky supper:

Washed the bit of supper dishes:

Folded and put away the dry laundry:

Cleaned my house kitty's litter box:

Time to go milk the goats again:

On my way to the barn:

Feed the outside kitty:

Gracie is waiting for some hay:

Abby is all ready to be milked and is eating her grain:

I am sitting on the milking stand, waiting for Gracie to finish eating. She makes a LOT of milk, so it takes her a while to eat all of her grain and I must wait. If I leave the barn, she'll get lonely and start calling me instead of eating. When you milk an animal, you really do get into their emotional life and I have a bond with my girls. Here is my view from where I am sitting:

Reboot the milk and water kefirs:

Wash everything up:

Watch a movie with my husband and drink kefir soda:

Admire the collection of seed packets that came in the mail today from Renee's Garden:

Now for "The Gentlest of All Duties."

Good night everyone. :)

This day in my life is linked up to Simple Lives Thursday #61 !


  1. My dream life. I want a spot in the country. My little plot just isn't enough. Can I just visit a while?

  2. Beautiful! The soup looks incredibly amazing. :)

  3. :) Yes, Mely, I would adopt you in a heartbeat!

  4. Loved seeing your day. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wonderful life you have. I would love to have goats one day. We are looking to get bees this spring and then the goats will be nest. Just need to get the right fence. Love yourposts and pics


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