Monday, September 26, 2011


I have had a bumper crop of Jalapeno peppers this year. I've cooked a lot and dried some in the dehydrator, sliced, but when I picked these, I just used a needle and some sturdy thread and strung them, through the stems, and hung them up to dry!

I can drop one in a pot of soup, or rehydrate them to add to omelets, or fresh salsa or whatever I like. In any case, it looks pretty hanging in the kitchen. :)


  1. I have lots of those hanging in my kitchen too. I still have tons growing in the garden. I don't think I have ever had this much luck with peppers as I have this year.

  2. I think I will plant them next year just to hang them in MY kitchen! Pretty.

  3. They look cute like that. My first batch went spoil because of some pest we had but the last ones are looking really great.

    I din't know you like jalapenos, are they the hot ones or the mild version.


  4. Mely, of course I am not a hot pepper expert. These seem quite hot to me if I leave the seeds in, and fairly mild if I remove the seeds. They are the only ones available here, that I know of! I do love them.


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