Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Recipes for Posterity

Not long ago, I told one of our granddaughters that I would like to know if there is anything she'd like to have when I die. Her immediate response was, "Your Recipes." So, I've been thinking it over, how best to do this, and I decided to refurbish my recipe box system. On eBay, I was able to find a very nice METAL recipe box. My old one, that I've had for 40 years, is metal, and although it looks horrible, it is still perfectly serviceable Here they are, side by side:

I am copying the recipes onto the larger 4" x 6 " cards and putting them in plastic sleeves to protect them. I also bought (at Wal-mart) a set of stiff plastic dividers that had the letters of the alphabet on them, and have attached labels over the letters for the various categories ~ i.e. breads, cakes, poultry, etc.

Here are a few of the dividers and a package of ruled index cards that I am using:

And here are the little plastic sleeve protectors. Current used to sell something called "recipe savers." This is the same thing:

Going through my recipes has sent me on a trip down Memory Lane. Many of them have the names of individuals that shared them with me and the dates I got them. Some of them are in my mother's handwriting. Those few (the old copies) I will keep for myself in my dresser drawer. Some were written by my girls before they could spell very well, and I will save those also.

I plan to go through my cookbooks and pull out the frequently used recipes to add to the collection, and also I have some 3 ring binders of recipes that I've kept. I will add the ones I really use.

When it is all done, I will put her name on the top with instructions that she is to have it when we are gone. This has truly been a labor of love.

I shared this post here at Simple Lives Thursday.


  1. That is really so awesome. My mom gave me a recipe box with my favorite "mom" recipes in it. I treasure it; I even have the gift note that accompanied it tucked in the back of the box. Your GD will be so touched.

  2. That is an awesome idea!! I have set out to do a similar project for my 'adult' children (ages, 24, 21, 21) but, I'm using a 3 ring binder and color photocopying my recipes. I am then sliding the paper into the page protectors to make a recipe book!! Your grand daughter will LOVE the fact that she has YOUR handwriting forever!! I also plan to add a page in my books for a personal note to each of my kids from me for them to discover later on! :)

  3. I love your recipe box- so neat and professional looking. :) I should do the same thing one of these days.
    My Facebook account is now gone, but yes, I am looking forward to hearing from you whenever you have time to write. This is such a busy season for us all. :)

  4. Wow! you have a great job ahead of you. One fo the reasons I have a blog is to force myself to write the recipes for my son. I also have 2, 3 ring binders with recipes that had been cut out from magazines, or hand written by me. With notes that say: Son and Dad love this or an absolute hit for potlucks, etc.

    Your GD will treasure it.

    I hope you share with us some of your family favorites.



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