Wednesday, September 28, 2011

.... that sat down beside her, and...

Today was the day I decided to plant the greenhouse for our winter vegetables. I cleaned out the beds, added compost, watered it all well and planted 2 kinds of Swiss chard, mache, Italian Dandelions, spicy greens mix and 2 kinds of kale.

When I first started this kind of gardening, I tried all sorts of things, but now I know what I like and what we will really eat, and this short list is it! Except...

I saved about 50 onion sets in a little bag in the refrigerator from this Spring:

Here is a view down inside the sack. They look rather sad, but most of them WILL grow:

Here are a few poked into the soil. They are so very easy to plant. Just push them, root side down, into the moist soil and cover.

It is all planted now. All I'll have to do is keep it watered until everything comes up nicely, and then water once in a while and discourage a few weeds that will volunteer.

Look down in the far right corner. See that big green thing?

That is a Mullein plant that came up on its own this year. It is so pretty, I don't have the heart to pull it up. Mullein is a biennial, and next year will send up a flower stalk. It is a medicinal plant and also good for dyeing wool a pretty yellow color. Isn't it glorious? Living in this protected environment seems to make it very happy.

And then, I saw this:

An impressive garden spider! And here is her beautiful egg case:

I was very careful not to disturb her and it will be interesting if I get to see when the babies are born next year.

My daughter made this pretty planter of succulents for me a few months ago. I moved it into the greenhouse too for some extra protection:

Once I dig up the rest of the Irish potatoes, the garden chores will be nearly done for this year. Soon I can go into Winter mode. :)

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  1. Tell me about Mache please. I think I would like to try it.


    2 good places to buy the seed. Another name for mache is "corn salad." If you type mache into the search on my blog, it will probably bring up some more that I've written about it. :)

  3. I love your greenhouse. I also love that mullein plant that you have spared in there. Wish we still lived just around the corner... If we were ever able to move back home near you I don't think I would miss anything about this place. Except maybe the morel mushrooms.

  4. You are blessed to have a greenhouse! You are going to be enjoying a wonderful winter harvest. Thank you for sharing your post with the Hearth an dsoul Hop.


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