Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thank you, Elliot Coleman

A few years ago, we read this book:

His description of a simple hoop house set us on the path to having an unheated greenhouse in the wintertime.

The photo above shows what I went out and picked today. It is 20 degrees F. this afternoon and there are fresh greens for a salad!

If you have some land, or even a small plot, I highly recommend trying to grow some cold-tolerant things in the winter, under some sort of cover, whether it is a hoop house, a cold frame or a simple cloche.

Even a small amount of organically grown fresh things from your own efforts is such a blessing when there is snow on the ground.

Thank you, Elliot Coleman!


  1. I loved that book! I am hoping to get row covers this spring and extend our harvest next fall.

  2. I got a free subscription to Martha Stewart magazine and she has a feature about Mr. Coleman and his wife and their home and gardens. Very nice. I think I have one of his books.

  3. Love this!! We have escarole and several lettuces growing under a cold frame in our garden...still, and it's February. It's really amazing what you can grow any time any where!


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