Monday, March 19, 2012

Grandchildren, again. :)

Two of our precious grandchildren are visiting us for a few weeks. Yesterday, this young lady showed me she was trying to learn "Someone Like You," that Adele Adkins sings. I found a site online where I could purchase a download of the music at a very reasonable cost. She practiced it some last night, and this morning, has learned a page and a line. She's doing very well. It's a joy to hear a child practicing piano in our home again.


  1. That's so nice! She does very well. Have fun! (:

  2. She always amazes me! I sure miss my girl. And my boy!

  3. By the end of her visit she will have it down pat. Can you take another video before she goes home so we can hear the improvement? That would be neat.

  4. How lovely! I love that we can capture these precious moments...

    So wonderful-and to be honest, to my ears-is incredible. I would give her a standing ovation!!



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