Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sweet Potato Harvest ~ 2012

 Yesterday we dug the sweet potatoes.  There was a chance of frost last night and I've read that if your sweet potato vines get frosted, it will harm the tubers.  The drought has hurt our harvest badly.  We would have had at least 4 times this much in a normal year.  Nevertheless, I'm grateful for what we did get!

Here is what I had for dinner last night.  It was SO delicious!


  1. How do you store your potatoes so they dont get soft and sprout.

    1. Jacque, our sweet potatoes sit in a basket in the kitchen. They must not be in cold storage. I have some from LAST year that I could still eat, they have done that well. Of course, Irish potatoes need to be in a dark, cool, place. Those I dry carefully first, and I do not have a cellar, so I put them in brown paper bags in my pantry room that stays at about 40 F through the winter... not the best, but it works ok. Do you grow sweet potatoes?

  2. I love sweet potatoes! Yours look so yummy!


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