Friday, October 5, 2012

Green Tomatoes...

By Monday, we will be having freezing temperatures, so today I went out to the garden and picked all of the green tomatoes.  Here you can see them laid out in cardboard boxes. I covered the boxes with a light blanket.  Not all of them will make it, of course, but many will ripen and be perfectly lovely within the next few weeks.  If I'm lucky, there could even be one for Christmas!

I also picked the rest of the peppers.  And here they are:
The only things left to do are to plant garlic cloves, dig the rest of the potatoes and put the garden "to bed."

The wood rack is full in the room where our wood heating stove is.  The stove is all cleaned out and a fire is laid, ready for that moment when I can't take the cold anymore.  :)

Come on, winter!!! 

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