Monday, August 5, 2013

Guess what?

Our little chickens have grown up and started laying eggs just over a week ago!  So far, we've had 29 eggs.  New layers make smallish eggs, but last night we got a big one!  Check out the color that the yolks make for our scrambled eggs! That is because they are in a chicken tractor and my husband moves it to fresh grass each morning.  We've also been giving them some of the extras from the garden and they love watermelon rinds, too!   I am SO happy!

My husband started building the chicken house today.  He is a very clever man.


  1. We didn't get any eggs from our new chickens last year for months after they should have started laying. After we trapped a possum, we started seeing eggs in the nest. Finally figured out what had happened to the eggs.

    1. I remember that! How many chickens do you have? I'm glad the possum didn't hurt the chickens!

  2. That is wonderful! I sure miss having fresh eggs from my own chickens.


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