Friday, August 28, 2015

Free Garlic Seeds... again!

My garlic is harvested and dried and now I have a lot of garlic seeds to give away.  Originally, I received the seeds from an internet friend that lives in Finland.

If you would like some, leave a comment with your email address.  I will NOT publish your email address.  Then I can email you my mailing address.  When you get that, mail me a self-addressed stamped envelope with TWO first class stamps on it, and I will send you some seeds! If you live outside of the USA, I am not sure what to do about postage.  It would cost a lot more I believe.

Then, when you get them, plant them and in two years you will have your own lovely garlic to eat.  After that, you can plant the cloves and have garlic every year.

It is a wonderful variety.  I still have some, just sitting in a basket in my kitchen from last year and it is still perfectly good.



  1. I would greatly appreciate having some of your garlic seeds. I Have always wanted to get a different variety. I have very little this year. (Didn't plant much last year).Thank you! Sandy

  2. Sandy, if you want some garlic seeds, I NEED your email address! I will not publish it. I will just send you my mailing address.

  3. for garlic seeds! Thanks!


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